New Year, New You! Mama Monday {Bismarck Mandan Family Photograper}


So it’s time for me to face the music and dance. My Elliana is one and I practically weigh the same as just moments after her birth. Sigh. So how am I fixing this? Well I am attending a super awesome FREE, kick-your-butt exercise class at the Element here in Bismarck. And I am training to WALK the HALF of the Fargo Marathon in May, which means I now have a Y membership. And, now that I am telling all of you, it’s official–no excuses. 🙂

One tool that is helping me in the area of walking is the Nike+ app I downloaded for free on my iphone. It has GPS, so it tracks how far I walk, whether it’s indoors at a track or outdoors. It also puts a status on Facebook for me when I start a workout and allows my friends to “like” or comment. And when they do, I hear cheers and applause, which actually is pretty awesome. This morning I had four different cheers that came through for me that definitely added motivation to keep my pace and not quit early. You can check out the app here.

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  • Alyssa FlatenJanuary 22, 2013 - 1:43 am

    anyone had weird results when using the Nike+ app indoors? the past few days were weird…i swear I went farther than what my app said.