Grace: Mama Monday


It’s been one of those days…you know, the kind where all you have the strength to mutter is ‘help me Lord.’ My sweet little sugar pies often drive me either to my wits end or to dependence on my Father. I am a word-picture, visual kinda gal, which is probably not a surprise to most of you. And as I uttered my simple prayer a photo I took recently came to mind to help refresh my soul and understand what I was asking for…


Grace is like water. In water, you are weightless.
With grace, your burdens lift.

Water is refreshing.
Grace is the cool refreshment that nourishes your soul.

Water is cleansing.
Grace washes over my inability and all that stains my heart and gives me a fresh start.

Water is necessary for survival.
Grace, undeserved kindness, strength to do what I have been made to do, is not only necessary for my survival, but breathes joy and peace into existence.

Stop and take some time to drink in and soak up the grace that is waiting for you. Find that faucet, turn it on, take a sip, and soak.

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  • Stacy WalchApril 29, 2013 - 9:05 pm

    Very awesome, Alyssa Flaten! Exactly what I needed today.

  • Fran DwelleApril 29, 2013 - 9:33 pm

    Beautiful post, Alyssa! I love your metaphor of grace is like water…