Four letter Words: Mama Monday {Bismarck Mandan Family Photographer}


Debt. Have you ever noticed there are four letters in the word “debt?” In our home, “debt” is a four letter word. If you don’t have the cash, no can do. That’s our rule.

Yes, we are followers of Dave Ramsey. His book “Total Money Make-Over” re-directed the course of our lives seven years ago. I am so thankful for the information in this book. We worked hard to “snowball” our debt, got rid of the good old credit cards, pay cash for everything including cars, and have bought our last four homes with at least 20% down and a 15 yr loan. It’s simple, but hard. In this day and age in a culture of “i-want-it-now”, “one-click checkout,” pay with your smartphone, and 6 months of interest free financing, it is so easy to fall into the trap of debt.


Now, hear me. I don’t mean to come across arrogantly on a high-horse. But I do want to challenge you –could your life be better? Less stress? A little more discipline, yes, but less stress? When you go after debt and exercise self-control with finances, and learn to give generously, there isn’t much in the money department to fight about with your spouse, or lose sleep over. It’s delightful!

You can check out some of Dave Ramsey’s stuff here-it’s worth every penny, I promise.

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  • Mary Jo Froehlich IrmenMay 13, 2013 - 2:20 pm

    Dave Ramsey has some decent principles but he is not hitting the mark on all accounts. Purchasing with cash is not the best option either. Think about it, you buy with cash and that cash is gone forever and you lost the opportunity to ever use it again. Dave does not look at lost opportunity cost, its about leveraging your money. I am NOT talking about investments. Dave is awesome for getting people on track but once there you need to think about money differently. The way we have never been taught because we then are forced to rely on banks.
    My two cents…:)