Asher is 1! {Bismarck Children’s Photography}

This little guy was born in September of last year–about 3.5 months before his due date!  When I first met him, he was smaller than my hand.  In my limited, human understanding, it seemed impossible that he could continue to develop healthfully outside of his mama’s womb.  But by the grace of God and the work of doctors, this little peanut celebrated his first birthday and he may soon leap past my little non-walking 15 month old (who is a month older) in terms of baby skills.

What a miracle! Life is always a miracle, but Asher is extra special! He’s a fighter. And those eyes!

christiansen1And, his sweet family.  The family that has loved him, and prayed for him, and grown stronger in their faith because of him…they are remarkable!

christiansen2And, the miracles haven’t stopped in this little family…


I am so excited for all that is ahead.  And so blessed by the example of faith you are–laying down your rights for the promise of new life!

I give thanks to God with everything I’ve got— Wherever good people gather, and in the congregation. God’s works are so great, worth A lifetime of study—endless enjoyment! Splendor and beauty mark his craft; His generosity never gives out. His miracles are his memorial— This God of Grace, this God of Love.  Psalm 111:1-2 The Message



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