Aarie + Ben {Minnesota Wedding Photography}

I always thought my little sister would be the first to marry.  The boys were always into her and never seemed to notice me.  But here I am, married for fourteen year with three little loves.  It’s never quite how we imagine is it?  And how her wedding came about wasn’t as I had imagined either. I thought we would have months to plan, and dream and scheme.  But just as she was setting her date, we were signing onto a new house and a new job half way across the country.  So what do you do when you’ve made plans for your wedding only to find out your sister and her family are moving across country and closing on their house the very weekend of your said wedding??–you plan a wedding celebration in 3 weeks and just embrace it!  That’s exactly what my sister did. all so we could be there! <3

This was my one and only project this summer due to all our adventures, travels, and relocation to the Seattle area.  And honestly I spent way more time decorating that I did photographing but I couldn’t have dreamed up a more enchanting setting (her backyard) for a small, family ceremony, followed by a rooftop celebration in downtown Fargo at the HoDo. She’s so pretty and Ben is always smokin in front of the camera!  Take a look for yourself!
Getting ready in your own home or your parents home is one of my favorite ways to start a wedding photography project, especially when there is so much natural light streaming in!  It’s the perfect setting: comfortable and characteristic of you–full of details that elude to who you are and what you love.Lace! Lace and more lace.  Flowers and twirls, sheer fabrics, fresh floral garlands, terrariums, and glass bulbs adorning the trees…it was enchanting.Nieces and nephews all dressed up.  Dad to walk you down the aisle, a brother to officiate, and all of your close family there.  Really, there’s not much more that could have made the day more perfect.   Less is more.  And small celebrations can be so meaningful and more memorable than all the bells and whistles!

Such handsome little dudes.And so very eager girls to scoop up that bouquet…And celebrating…Here’s to a life of cultivating love and living greater than you imagined!  XOXO!

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams].  Ephesians 3:20





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